Lil Wayne's Cash Money struggles are far from over, but his recent alignment with Roc Nation seems to be a promising first step towards his freedom from the shoddy deal. Wayne first announced his connection to Roc Nation at a Slippery Rock University show earlier this month. He later spoke to Skip Bayless about what many assumed to be a proper deal with the Roc. While he kept things vague, he revealed that Jay Z was doing anything and everything to help his situation.

At a show in Dallas last night, Wayne once again stated his affiliation with Jay Z's label, as well as hinting that his long-delayed project Tha Carter V will finally see release. "C5 coming soon," he told the crowd, before declaring, "Fuck Cash Money! It's the Roc!"

According to Wayne, the masters for the completed Carter V album are in his possession, but he won't be releasing them until he settles his dispute with Cash Money. In the meantime, Cash Money co-founder Birdman still insists that the album will be released in 2017. "Me and Wayne will be aight," he told Billboard in February. "I'mma make that work. That’s my son and I love him, and we’ll make it happen."

"Fuck Cash Money" has become one of Wayne's favorite things to say on stage. He closed his 2016 Lil Weezyana Fest with the statement, as well as yelling it at a December show in Syracuse

Wayne also brought out Russell Westbrook at a recent show. Watch footage below.