Lil Wayne performed at the High Times Cannabis Concentrates Cup Show in San Bernardino, CA Saturday night, but unfortunately for the supremely stoned crowd, he only performed for about 5 minutes, which even on the kush clock wouldn't meet the requirements of his hour-long set. 

A fan at the event was able to capture a moment of tension between Wayne and the organizers, as he yells sidestage, "Don't ever ask me to do this shit again." It's not entirely clear who he's speaking to, but at one point he does seem to say "Mack," meaning the receiving end could be Young Money president Mack Maine. Either way, Weezy is clearly unhappy to be there, and according to the fan, he was on stage for a matter of minutes.

A rep for High Times suggests he performed 4 songs, but either way came nowhere near to the time requirements of his contract. "No idea why Lil Wayne suddenly ended his performance after just four songs when he was contractually committed to performing for an hour for the fans," says High Times, who claim they have yet to receive an explanation for the brief set.

Check out the clip of Wayne's quote below, as well as some other videos from the short performance, below.