These days, artists have quickly come to realize that fans will drop dollars on merch like the Fry meme incarnate. As we've witnessed with Travis Scott's endless slew of Astroworld merch, the demand to rep one's favorite artists while wearing exclusive and trendy attire is an alluring prospect for many.

Catching wind of the changing climates, artists like Travis and Wayne have made sure to include a copy of their albums with every purchase, in order to bolster sales. We've already seen rappers like Nicki Minaj take umbrage with this practice, claiming it takes away from the music. While that's certainly debatable, bags are there to be secured, are they not?

In any case, Wayne has continued to unveil his Tha Carter V merch, which features a collaboration with NASASEASONS. The scarlet shirt features some menacing text, spelling out "Weezy, Fear God." Should you be interested in copping this one, head over to Weezy's store right here.