Lil Wayne and Mack Maine have been friends since childhood, growing up together in Hollygrove, New Orleans. Yesterday, one of their old friends from the neighborhood was killed by a police officer, and the two YMCMB rappers feel that there was foul play (on account of the cop) involved. 

Weirldy enough, Keith “Magik” Atkinson, had just partied with the Young Money team the night before. He reportedly woke his mother up in the morning to gush about his incredible night, before stepping out to the convenience store, only to be fatally shot five minutes later.

Officers were called to the corner store a few blocks from Atkinson's house, following the report of a shoplifting. The suspect was said to have been wearing a blue shirt, as was Magik, who happened to be standing outside of the store when cops arrived on the scene.

Eye witnesses have reported that Atkinson was not the man responsible for stealing a case of fruit juice from the store, and investigators are now looking into whether or not the shooting was justified.

It is not evidently clear why the Hollygrove man was shot 4 times by an officer, but cops did find a .45 caliber gun next to his body following the shooting. His mother has argued that carrying a gun is just a reality of growing up in their dangerous neighborhood.

Mack and Wayne responded to their friend's untimely death on Twitter and Instagram, both under the impression that Atkinson had a drink in his hand, which was mistaken as a gun.

Watch the news report and view Weezy and Mack's tweets below.