About two weeks ago, it was reported that, after about a year of dating, Lil Wayne and Christina Milian had called it quits. Two days later, Milian released her first single, "Do It," a love song that featured none other than Lil Wayne. Of course, Milian wouldn't want to scrap her new single, as well as a high-quality Weezy verse, but the timing was definitely awkward. However, Milian has assured as that she and Wayne have remained amicable post-breakup and that they are still planning to shoot the "Do It" video together. 

At a recent event for Verizon's Go90 app, Milian told ETOnline that she and Wayne still speak regularly and that they plan to shoot the "Do It" video next week in Miami. She also confirmed that Wayne's lyrics, both those romantic and those a little dirtier ("I'm in that pussy like, 'honey I'm home'!"), were written about her. "I wanted it to be real, and the song's about he and I, so it was perfect." 

Well, we suspect that it's not currently quite as real as when they first recorded the song, but many hip-hop exes could learn a thing or two from the civility of Wayne and Milian's breakup. 

Stay tuned for the "Do It" video.