In case you missed it, Lil Wayne and Birdman were spotted embracing one another at LIV nightclub Sunday night, where they were seen hugging each other, but apparently that’s not that out of the ordinary for the two. Sources told TMZ that Weezy & Baby have been trying to squash their beef privately on the low for the past several months now.

Of course, the $51 million dollar lawsuit is still very much intact, but they've managed to separate their legal issues from their personal relationship. As the source said, "They're family and that's bigger than money."

Wayne & Birdman have reportedly spoke to each other several times over the past few months, and although they may not have the relationship they once had, they are making an attempt to squash their beef.

As for Sunday’s run-in at LIV, Wayne apparently had a section reserved downstairs while Birdman was upstairs. Apparently neither of the artists knew the other was there until DJ Stevie J shouted them both out. Birdman's son, Bryan Jr., came down and said "hello" to Weezy first, before Tunechi later stopped by Birdman's table where they were seen hugging it out.

Who knows when their insanely-long legal war will be over, but it appears by yesterday's clip and this story that Weezy & Birdman are working on recouping their relationship.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on all the latest with the two moving forward.