On the first part of he and 2 Chainz' interview with Genius, Lil Wayne revealed that he was brought to tears when he first heard Chainz' verses on CollegeGrove opening track, "Dedication," and part two features some equally interesting anecdotes. After talking about how Tity's "I kiss ya lady, eat her pussy, then kiss the baby" bar on "Bounce" actually caused him to fall to the ground, Wayne spoke of an unrelease track called "Bars" that seems like it will continue in the rappin'-ass-rappin' tradition of "Bounce".

"Wait 'til they hear 'bars', that's a real song," Wayne said of the unreleased collab that was produced by Mobb Deep's Havoc. "It's got that New York flavor. It's hip-hop. [Chainz] sent it to me... It's stereotypical for me to send that to him. It's something that Tune would do. He sent me that to me. He's spitting on that mother fucker, so I went crazy like [him]."

Chainz later went into his choice to do a more traditional, New York-leaning record. "It was important for me to try and introduce my fans... I be wanting to bar-up," he said. "Being a southside n*gga that's trying to have some thought behind what I say... If you know what I'm going to say before I'm say it, it's a no-no. It's very important to get that reaction that Wayne get."

Tunechi was in complete agreeance with his collaborators point. "Anytime I put on a joint and they listen to my verse, and they just heard the first bar and they know how to finish to the second bar, they know that that bar WILL be changed," he declared.

Watch the full interview below.