Whatever it was that got 2 Chainz arrested was not the only illegal activity happening on the "America's Most Wanted" tour buses yesterday. A woman has come forth, claiming that an entourage member on the tour assaulted her after the show in OKC last night.

According to law enforcement in the area, the victim was invited onto a tourbus by an unidentified entourage member. When the man forced his hand down her shirt and grabbed her breast, the victim slapped his hand away. At this point, the man allegedly punched her in the face, which sent her flying out of the bus onto the pavement.

The victim claims her jaw was broken in two places from the attack, and the surgery required to heal it involves having her jaw wired shut for 6 weeks.

The police report indicates that the entourage member ran away after the alleged attack.

A rep for T.I. says that the event did not take place on Tip's bus, and the rapper had no idea it had even occurred. Still no comment from the other artists.

The incident is under investigation, but so far no arrests have been made.