In the wake of some utterly strange Instagram activity, speculation that Lil Uzi Vert suffered from a hack. While previous posts claimed that Lil Uzi left his login information on a brothel wall, it would appear that somebody has actually came into possession of his phone. Unfortunately for Uzi, the person in question seems to lack any sense of empathy.

"Been lookin threw Uzi messages. I feel bad for the kid he has so many platinum plaques and charting songs but for some reason he is still Broke," writes the leaker. "I’ve been going through his messages and he has some good songs in this thing it’s ashamed that his bosses won’t let him put any content out . Honestly I care nothing about the guy but I hate when people get took advantage of . I typed SoundCloud In Uzi messages and every password came up . Thank me later Uzi I’m leakin songs for your fans."

Clearly, whoever has come into possession of Uzi's phone seems to be some type of vigilante, operating under the whole "God's work" mantra. In truth, it's not exactly far off from the frustrations Uzi himself has previously exhibited. Still, if this is indeed genuine, it's nothing short of a violation. At least, G Herbo seems to think so. He slid up into the comment section, writing "Stop Playing Wit My Mans BITCH". The leaker retorted with a hostile reply, writing "FUCK YOU BITCH put the money up for ya soft ass mans." Are we supposed to believe this to be an extortion scheme of sorts? 

Either way, the story of Lil Uzi Vert's bizarre Instagram antics continues to develop. Like David Lynch's classic Mulholland Drive, it only gets more confusing as it progresses. Don't forget, there's always the chance that this is an elaborate ruse, perpetrated by Lil Uzi himself. Perhaps he was simply pushed to the edge.