On Luv Is Rage 2, half of the time Lil Uzi Vert is emotionally exhausted, wearing his heart on his sleeve, and for the other half, he's just trying to let you know that he dresses exceptionally better than you. Combine that with Uzi’s knack for keeping his lines short and compact, quickly jumping to the next topic, and you've got the perfect storm of short blurbs and sound bites to be repeated endlessly. These short blurbs are enjoyable to croon when you’re listening to it on the car radio or when you’re in the club spending money you don’t have, but most importantly its best use is in Instagram captions (cause where else?).

Becoming a great Instagram Caption Artist is harder than it seems, and says a lot about Uzi’s writing ability and his ability to connect with the youth, the generation that quite literally grew up with various social platforms. The millennials. There are a lot of rappers whose lyrics are too long winded, so out of context, it’s not ideal for an Instagram caption. Social captions need to be short and sweet, but have a sort of instant connection to your followers, and thus a relatability. Some sort of "perceived" depth is also a plus, fake-deepness abounds on Instagram especially. With his cadence, Uzi is often able to add emphasis on key emotional lines that make it so that these bars are instantly on repeat in your mind, which may translate well to all your social needs (not just Instagram!).

Here are a few of the Luv Is Rage 2 lyrics that will fill your quotable needs, whether it be for that perfect Instagram caption, that sub-tweet, or an over-sharing Facebook post (that's literally what people do on Facebook, if they still go on Facbeook). Also, Drake better drop new music because his Instagram Caption Crown has a viable contender, and it’s Lil Uzi.

What's your favorite bar on Luv is Rage 2?