Lil Uzi Vert's Instagram situation is the most peculiar thing we've seen in a while. Four days ago, a member of the rapper's management team posted a photo of him, writing that he was making the "best music of his and your life." A day later, Uzi seemed to question his mere existence in the world before revealing that he had written his login information on the wall of a brothel's bathroom. Then, bizarreness ensued as random videos were uploaded to his page and a song was leaked on his official SoundCloud page. As some believe that this is simply a marketing ploy with others thinking Uzi has legitimately been hacked, public opinion is mixed as usual.

Perhaps the oddest installment of the hacks occurred in the Philly artist's most recent post, which was filmed by a homeless man. While the video itself does not pertain to Uzi whatsoever as the man simply shows off his cardboard sign, the caption is eye-catching. The "hacker" writes, "@liluzivert Notifications are so annoying I can’t believe this kid has 6 million followers . I must say I will be a umbrella anyday before the rain so Rock On !!!!! Signing off Srt8 Man." Having hold of Uzi's phone must not be the most pleasant experience with thousands of people in your mentions on a daily basis. Also, what about an umbrella? This situation is quickly getting out of hand and a resolution could not come soon enough.

Check out the post below and give us your thoughts on what's been happening on Uzi's page. Do you think he's actually been hacked or is this all for fun?