Whether or not you're a fan of his music, it's easy to understand the rockstar appeal of Lil Uzi Vert upon seeing one of his live shows. Earlier tonight, during the final night of the three-day Rolling Loud festival in Miami, Uzi carried out what has got to be one of the most daring stunts of his career as a performer. The stage dive he took during "Money Longer" might be the top highlight of the entire festival. 

He set out to find the absolute highest elevation he could leap from and still land among his fans. It was enough for him to walk atop the platform above the stage lights -- as the crowd was astonished when he decided to make the plunge, which attendees believe was upwards of 20 feet. Amazingly, Uzi sustained zero injuries during the miraculous stunt. He even posted about the dive on Instagram. 

In sharing this footage, we must remind you that Uzi is a seasoned daredevil with extraordinary turn-up abilities. Hopefully this doesn't encourage similar behavior from fans, as was witnessed during a Travis Scott show last week, with unfortunate results

Uzi also showcased his spectacular acrobatics and rockstar antics during two more shows this weekend as part of the JMBLYA festival, which took him to Dallas on Friday and Austin on Saturday. 

The highly anticipated Luv Is Rage 2 is on the way.