It's tough to admit when you're wrong, but Ebro Darden did just that. Days ago, the Hot 97 talk show host took to social media to acknowledge an interview he conducted with Uzi four years ago. During their discussion, Ebro told the young, rising rapper that artists such as himself may find success, but they would struggle when it came to having longstanding careers in the rap industry. Uzi was defiantly objective to the prediction, and when it was shared that Eternal Atake would take the No. 1 spot on the charts alongside its deluxe version, Ebro came forward to own that he was wrong.

"So glad I pressed Uzi Vert 4yrs ago... He proved me wrong! Exactly what I love..." Ebro wrote on social media. "Hope more artists do the same when I question your talent or skills." Uzi's fans weren't going to let Ebro Darden off the hook, so they began bashing the veteran hip hop critic. However, Uzi hopped online to tell people to fall back.

"Stop saying f*ck Ebro!" Lil Uzi Vert said in a video. "Stop saying that! He just old! He ain't know no better. He old! He ain't know no better... I ain't know no better back then. Only thing I knew was they was old!" Of course, this was a bit of a dig at Ebro, but some fans believe that Lil Uzi Vert deserves to boast just a bit. Watch a clip from the infamous interview above and check out the tweets below.