It came as a shock to all of us when Lil Uzi Vert announced that he would be leaving the music game. Until that point, he had been one of the most successful new school talents, dropping off memorable singles like "XO Tour Llif3." We haven't heard much from the artist since he called out his label on social media and now, he's venting his frustrations to fans he meets on the street.

Uzi has been showing off his crazy car collection on Instagram as of late and, with him being restricted from sharing any music, that's really all he can do. When a fan approached him to compliment him on his sneakers, the Philadelphia rapper spoke to him about his mindset with all of the drama this year. "I haven't done anything wrong," said Uzi. When the man asked him why he doesn't just leak Eternal Atake, the album he has been teasing since the summer, Uzi thought about it before he answered. "If I leak it, it's still not gonna be the same outcome," he said. "And I gotta start over. I really believe that right now."

Clearly, the musician is going through a range of emotions about his sudden retirement. It's obvious that he wants to continue creating for his audience but right now, it feels as though the label is stopping him from achieving anything. Maybe the Migos can help him out after they seemingly teased a collaboration for release this year.