Hip-hop's new meme maestro has struck again!

Between being featured on a new single from A$ap Rocky to being called out being called out by Waka Flocka for being "rock, not hip-hop," yesterday was quite an eventful one for Uz. However, it was the picture that Waka took him to task for, of him posing in a tattered striped shirt with a rather unsuspecting look on his face, that became an Internet sensation.

Many social media users made cracks about his look online, comparing him to the likes of Avril Lavigne and a GTA streetwalker.


Another well-known name who took umbridge with the Uzi picture was Tyrese, who didn't hold back on how he felt either. The original Instagram post was deleted, but a screen cap was saved for Twitter.


After that happened, other social media users responded, calling out the old guard for being narrowminded.


Finally, DC Youngfly went on a minute-long video rant about Uzi's picture. 


Spongebob, eat your heart out. With the stage dive incident and now this, Lil Uzi should be the Internet's go-to meme personality from now on.