J. Cole seriously stirred the pot of hip-hop this week, and one by one, rappers have been responding. In Cole's new track "Everybody Dies," the North Carolina rapper took existential shots at the class of "Lil" rappers. Most assume he meant either Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, or both.

Yachty has responded, denying he has any beef with Cole. Yesterday on Twitter, Uzi acknowledged the track as well, deviously acknowledging the song. Uzi's tweet said, "Heard some beautiful shit today @JColeNC." Following the caption was a fire emoji, a 100 emoji, and the purple devil face making a sly smile. The emojis signal that the initial text of the tweet should not be taken fully in genuine.

Is Uzi ducking beef with J. Cole? What's his motive behind the tweet? Do you think he was offended by Jermaine's words?

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