Just last month, Young Thug showed off an insanely long receipt after going shopping for his buddy Lil Uzi Vert. With their friendship continuing to blossom, Uzi decided to repay the extremely generous act by spending as much time and money on the "Anybody" rapper. While he sang that all of his friends were dead on his hit song "XO Tour Llif3," it seems as though Uzi can at least consider one person to be in his close circle as Thugger has proven to be a reliable man to him, allowing Uzi to use his Instagram account while he is locked out of his own.

Going on an insane shopping spree, Uzi showed off quite possibly the longest receipt in the world, claiming that everything he copped was for his homie Thug. He may not even be finished either as he asked fans to comment their sizes because "we all gettin Dripped out." The bill that Uzi casually flexed is too long to even fit in the camera frame, bunching up at the bottom and beginning out of the shot. While Uzi could veritably be showing off his purchases from the dollar store, he could also be showing off his Saks Fifth bill. The receipt is justifiably illegible in his defense.

With Uzi and Thug proving their ride or die status on a near daily basis, the pair continues to raise eyebrows among some for their flamboyant personalities. If you want Uzi to spoil you next, you better get to commenting on his Instagram.