Philadelphia rapper Lil Uzi Vert has had a strange run over the last couple of years. Although we all expected his highly-anticipated album Eternal Atake to drop a while ago, it remains on the shelf after the superstar experienced harsh label issues with his former collaborators DJ Drama and Don Cannon. Signing a deal with Roc Nation, Uzi released four new songs in 2019, including "Futsal Shuffle 2020," "That's A Rack," and "Sanguine Paradise." Several days ago, the multi-talented recording artist announced that his next project would consist of sixteen songs, failing to give a timeline as to when we can look out for it. He's been sporting a new look as of late and, according to him, it's representative of his current era's mood. While his orange hair signifies energy, he's not exactly practising what he's been preaching because he admitted today that he's having trouble remaining positive.

Responding to a fan who asked him if he was in a good headspace, Uzi replied and said that he isn't. "I’m not but I’m here 2 make you guys happy so don’t worry about me it’s way more of you than me," he said. 

The impromptu question-and-answer session also brought about some further information about Eternal Atake, including a possible sequel to "XO Tour Llif3" and his brand new nickname. 

"ORENJI or Renji is my new nick name," revealed the rapper before teasing a continuation of his hottest record. "It’s a PART 2," said Renji about his most popular song.

Send some love to Uzi. He can certainly use it right now.