In the midst of a tweetstorm last weekend, Lil Uzi Vert said that the next single off his forthcoming album, Eternal Atake, is titled "FUTSAL". He detailed that it's a "dance record" and would come with its own dance called The Futsal Shuffle. He warned that the Futsal Shuffle would take over in 2020, but it seems this is going to occur before we enter the next decade.

Uzi teased the song with a 20-second clip of him dancing to it, which inspired many to emulate his moves. For the past week, the Philly rapper has been reposting videos of fans (and DJ Drama) showing off their best footwork and all the buzz built around this challenge may have pushed up "Futsal"'s release. On Saturday, Uzi tweeted "Futsal Shuffle 2020 COMING IN DAYS BABY ..... LETS DANCE !!!" and shared the cover art for the single. The cover features a grinning cartoon of Uzi with some anime fan girls huddled behind him. "Futsal" will be his first official solo release since "That's A Rack" and "Sanguine Paradise" were shared back in April. We don't know when we should expect Eternal Atake to drop, but the arrival of "Futsal" will hopefully be a step closer to the highly-anticipated project.

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