Lil Uzi Vert has been all over the place as of late, popping up on Slime Language 2 on the track "Proud Of You" and teasing his next few musical releases on social media. The 26-year-old rapper has been showing off his relationship with City Girls' rapper JT, proudly displaying their love to the world through a series of cute photos and videos. 

Earlier this year, the Philadelphia-raised superstar debuted his new look, revealing that he had spent $24 million on a diamond, which was pierced to his forehead. With his career on a steep decline, fellow rapper Lil Pump has resorted back to clout chasing for a quick buzz on Instagram, which he did again by ripping off Uzi's forehead diamond. "@liluzivert this one is 28 mil," wrote the Trump-endorsing rapper with a picture of him stunting a diamond in the middle of his face. People have not been kind to Pump in the comments, ripping him apart for yet another embarrassing display online. Even Uzi was lost for words, simply responding to the rapper with one word: "Wow."

That's all Lil Uzi had to say on the picture, racking up over 49 thousand likes for his one-word response. His reaction is reminiscent of the way Uzi turned down Lil Xan's attempt to collaborate on a new song, in which he kindly told the much-hated-on rapper that he "mumbles alone" when Xan asked him for a studio session.

What do you think Uzi was thinking when he saw Lil Pump's new (likely fake) forehead diamond?