With exception to a slew of features, Lil Uzi Vert has been relatively quiet since he dropped off his Luv Is Rage 2 album in September, but that doesn’t mean the Philly rockstar hasn't been working. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite as we learned last week that Uzi typically records around 700 songs a year according to producer & boss man Don Cannon, which if you do the math equals to about roughly 2 songs a day. With all that material though, Uzi likes to hop on Instagram & share various snippets & previews of what he’s been cooking up in the studio, and it appears he did that yet again on Monday.

In a since-deleted IG post, Uzi shared a snippet of an unreleased song while in the studio, which we presume is on the way. There’s no details on what the song is called or where it could end up, but from what we can hear it does sound a bit different than past Uzi records despite him saying he was “returning to his raw talent” in 2018.

Leaving the melodic vibes alone, Uzi packs the energy here and raps… “Zone drop you can see in there, still took a bitch to eat in there/ She say how you pulling off in the whip if no key in there/ New coupe pushing 3 of them/ Smoke blunts for the G’s and them/ Margiela put my feet in them/ VVS in my teeth again.”

Check out the preview of the upcoming Uzi record and let us know what you think. Sounding fire or nah?