With Lil Uzi Vert seemingly enjoying a happy retirement from music, some fans believed that he was trying out a new look. Throughout his career, the young rapper always sported colorful dreads but in a new upload to his Instagram story, it appeared as though he had gotten rid of his usual cut. Instead, Uzi rocked somewhat of a short afro while getting his hands manicured. Well, it turns out that there was no need to worry about the photo. Some of his fans rushed social media with questions, jumping the gun and claiming that the former musician had cut his hair. It ended up just being a weird angle, as evidenced by a live-stream later on the same day.

Reputable accounts like No Jumper were among the outlets that were fooled into believing that the Philadelphia star had gotten rid of his dreads but, as seen in a video on his page, his hair is still very much intact. A woman was working on his nails while he looked into the camera and, considering it really does look like he got a haircut, he likely tied up his locks in the back. Regardless, there was no need to worry because the rapper still has his trademark dreads on his head.

One thing that we should be worried about though is the legitimacy of Uzi's retirement. He is seemingly serious about never making music again after experiencing a slew of label issues. Hopefully, new music starts to be released soon.