Dennis Rodman kicking with Lil Uzi Vert on a musical tip - on appearances it makes too much sense. Make it so, make it so. So, it turns Rodman fell in love with hip-hop after attending Rolling Loud where he group selfie'd his rendezvous with Quavo, and iconoclasts Lil Yachty, and Mike Tyson, who is himself a fan of contemporary hip-hop I would imagine.

So naturally Dennis Rodman had the bright idea to DM his favorite new gen rapper with a solicitation to collaborate, and Lil Uzi Vert even responded favorably, prompting the ex-NBA star to share a screenshot with the masses. As you can see, Rodman plainly asks, "Let's Collab" incurring the response he wanted from the get-go. Lil Uzi didn't mince his words, he told Rodman flat out, "I'm Ready," and that was that. From there, both men kept exchanging pleasantries via DM until this very moment, where the tape cuts out.

And Uzi's not the only musical artist to catch Rodman's ear. He also recently hit up Smino with a similar request, which the STL rapper then reposted for his fans to see, I guess out of excitement. Before soliciting Smino, Rodman sent Post Malone a holiday voucher for Olive Garden seemingly out of nowhere. He too was excited to touch base with a legend like Dennis Rodman, and on a level personal frugality, was actually pretty to put the $25 rebate card to good use.