Lil Uzi Vert is no stranger to luxury brands and fashion. Uzi has been on a genuine hot streak on Instagram, making all of the Reddit streetwear kids lose their minds over his extravagant 'fits. Since beginning the Australian leg of his tour, Uzi has been regularly updating his Insta feed with only fit pics. But these aren't just regular outfits. Uzi appears to be going above and beyond Down Under, proving that he deserves to be name-dropping all the brands that he does in his songs. From Chanel and Louis Vuitton to Off-White and Gucci, Uzi has been showing off plenty of versatility in his outfits and we've gathered all of them in one place to inspire us all.

Uzi started off his trip with this classic Burberry meets modern Balenciaga look. The bulky Chanel shoes help him to pull off a risky, yet well-executed 'fit. Not many people would be able to rock this one.

Here, the rapper goes into full construction worker mode, bringing back the classic Von Dutch trucker style. This actually isn't the only time Uzi was rocking the unexpected brand in Australia as he was also showing it off it in the post below.

This is likely one of the most "basic" outfits the star rocked throughout his tour. However, even this outfit is intricate as hell. From the shoes to that crazy belt. I mean, look at that belt!

Uzi took a page out of A$AP Ferg's book here, repping Gucci down to the socks. The silky, old-lady pajama look is from Gucci's "Blind For Love" and this is one of the best outfits we've seen incorporating the tough ensemble.

"If we talkin' 'bout fashion, do my name get brought up?" While not an Uzi lyric, we can confirm that, with this look, his name will be brought up in all things fashion. Uzi killed this vintage rockstar look seamlessly.

Lil Uzi Vert is really killing these 'fits. He makes sure to show off every aspect of his outfits, this time rocking Craig Green and continuing the dad shoe trend with Louis Vuitton runners. 

What's special about Lil Uzi Vert is his passion for the art of a good outfit. He puts as much effort into his choice of clothing as he does in his full-length albums and, at this point, he may deserve to be near Rocky or Kanye status when it comes to innovation in the fashion game. Check out all of his posts on his Instagram and let us know which look is your favorite.