Though you may have been distracted by his Hot Topic-channeling pants, Lil Uzi Vert was rocking $350,000 around his neck at last week's Grammy Awards. According to TMZ, the skull and upside-down cross pendant (which went very well with the goth pants) was a commission designed by Eliantte & Co., the jewelry maker behind a number of memorable pieces for Migos (Takeoff's galaxy chain, Offset's Freakazoid piece, and Quavo's Ratatouille bling), as well as many others, including Uzi himself. The piece was in the works for 3 months and hand-delivered only hours before Uzi hit the red carpet. The 60-carat cross is wrapped in a gold and diamond vine, all hanging from an 80-carat chain.



Though he did not take home the award or Best New Artist, Uzi certainly left an impression on Grammy viewers. As we've seen at previous award shows, Uzi's demeanor was hilariously blasé on the red carpet, despite being the most outrageously dressed person on it. When asked about how he felt going into his first Grammys, he replied with a deadpan: "I'm feeling normal, this is my life." As far as his future plans go, he's looking to "wake up, eat some pop tarts."

Take a look at Uzi's chain in the Instagram posts above. Watch his hilarious Grammy interview below.