In an era where older generations are routinely bashing new hip hop artists' efforts to trailblaze their own style, it's always dope to see an old head acknowledge a young upstart. The Game posted a video in which he and his son vibe to Lil Uzi Vert's gold hit "Money Longer."

The 1992 rapper drives his whip while his son spits the lyrics to the song blasting in the sound system. The kid looks enthralled by the Philly emcee's track. The Game says nothing but winks at the camera and nods approvingly. Despite some critics, Lil Uzi's been enjoying a lot of success with "Bad and Boujee" and his new hit "XO tour Llif3."

The Los Angeles native had trouble of his own when he started his career, sparking what would become a long standing feud with his own Aftermath label mate 50 Cent. At the time, Fif was at the top of the hip hop food chain. Check out the clip below.