Rappers are known for rocking the most extravagant ice, accessorizing their chains, watches, bracelets and other diamonds to visually stand out from the crowd. While the Migos likely have the best chains in the game, Lil Uzi Vert is creeping up in terms of the value of his jewelry. While he may not have control over his social media accounts right now, he certainly has command over his money, and he has a lot of it. Uzi will tell you in every song that he's stacking his paper up but he isn't just talking the talk as he copped a near half-million dollar chain, according to TMZ.

Posting a brand new Cuban link chain with diamonds throughout it, Joe the Jeweler aka Shyne showed off Uzi's most recent purchase over the weekend, with the rapper impressed by the 3.5-pound piece. The chain is reportedly decked out in 150 carats of diamonds on a 14 karat gold Cuban link, with the jeweler working on it for over two months. The media publication obtained video footage of Uzi showing off the piece, with diamonds dancing all over the place as the necklace shines excessively.

While he is not nearly the first star to be rocking insane ice around his neck, the sheer cost of this monster is impressive as that money can get you a decent house in most cities. Check out the video below and let us know what you would cop with $425K.