Among the many anticipated albums to drop this year, Lil Uzi Vert sits high on that list. The rapper's had a strange year, particularly in regards to his Instagram page which he previously said was taken away from his record label. Since then, his Instagram page has been "hacked" by randoms while Young Thug allowed the Philly spitter to use his account. Throughout this whole time, he's teased new music on social media but unfortunately, hasn't given us an update on when we could expect any of it to drop. However, according to some Uzi fans, the rapper is gearing up to release a new project this week.

As Complex pointed out, fans believe that Lil Uzi Vert revealed the title of his next album when he tweeted "Eternal Atake" yesterday. The tweet was then pinned to the top and his Instagram bio was changed to read the same thing along with a moon emoji. The emoji matched the quarter moon phase that will be seen in the sky on July 19th.

Uzi also used both "Eternal" and "Atake" on his Instagram story which furthered the speculation that a new album is a few days away.

With fans already led to believe that a new album is dropping this Friday, Uzi also reportedly hosted an album listening party on Sunday for his family and friends. A snippet of new music from the party surfaced online.

Earlier this year, Don Cannon confirmed a new album from Uzi would drop but didn't say when. 

At this point, it doesn't seem entirely likely that he'll be releasing a new project this week but at the same time, Lil Uzi Vert only announced Luv Is Rage 2 was dropping a few hours before its release. So maybe there is hope, after all.