Playboi Carti is gearing up to bless us with his highly-anticipated album, Whole Lotta Red on Monday. At least, we hope that's what he's dropping. Regardless, the artist dropped a fresh single on Thursday called "@ MEH" and let's just say, fans are pretty split on how they feel about it. Perhaps the most critical person of the song has been none other than Lil Uzi Vert who has collaborated with Carti in the past. 

Uzi has been hinting at a feud with Carti and he all but confirmed those rumors when he called his song "Just Meh." He is even going so far as to sabotage Carti's release date by releasing some music of his own. Today, Uzi is sending more shots at Carti on Twitter. After Maaly Raw commented on how great Carti's new song is, Uzi hit him with the sarcastic laughing crying emoji.

Okay, okay, before you genius commenters get at me for writing about a laughing crying emoji, it is fairly significant when you put everything into context. Some fans think that the beef between Carti and Uzi isn't real but at this point, Uzi is doing everything in his power to make us think he really does hate the Die Lit artist. Whether it's a troll or not, there is no denying that something deeper is going on here.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens on Monday.