Lil Uzi Vert's death-defying antics have long alluded to his "rock star" impressionability, even some aspects of his appearance. Uzi proved it once and for all last week by attending a metal gig put on by Lorna Shore, and living to tell the tale. Lorna Shore, the metal band pictured with Uzi (below) were putting on a show in Uzi's backyard (Philadelphia) and arranged to meet the daredevil rapper and slap him with some exclusive tour merch.

Pictures don't do the scene justice. A fan in attendance captured a video of Lil Uzi leading the commotion at the heart of the mosh pit. As you can see below, Uzi frog splashes on another concert-goer, picks himself up, then receives a lashing of his own.

A 2nd video clearly depicts Lil Uzi letting off a scissor kick, and carefully landing into a near-deathdrop, as his counterpart backs out of the camera lens, a video enthusiastically captioned: "why don’t you shut your corny ass up and let my man warm up before he starting letting out these kicks."

As previously mentioned, Lil Uzi capped off an electric night by greeting the band backstage. Lorna Shore for their part hinted at a potential collaboration between the band and the "satanic" rapper in the not-so-distant future: "Til next time LORNA SHORE x LIL UZI VERT."