Hacking is commonplace in hip-hop today, but it's almost unheard of for a rapper to actually find the person who hacked him and confront the hacker in person. That appears to be the case with Lil Uzi Vert, as the Philly rapper seemingly posted an Instagram video of him tracking down a guilty hacker and proceeding to call him out for all of the Internet to see. The Instagram post has since been deleted but the video as well as the accompanying caption has been captured by The Shade Room as well as by PMWHipHop.com. The voice behind the camera does sound like Uzi, further evidence pointing toward the authenticity of the video. 

For the entire video clip, the camera is pointed at the presumed hacker, an apathetic-looking adolescent male who's seated at the bottom of a staircase -- before Uzi yells, "Stand up!" a command to which the hacker quickly abides. "Skinny-ass, bitch-ass n*gga. Sit down," Uzi continues, as the hacker follows his order once again. 

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Uzi asks the hacker, before shedding light upon why he's so angry. "Fuckin' hackin' all my shit, motherfuckin' leakin' all my music. Man, that's my goddamn job. Goddamn fuckin' up relationships with goddamn other motherfuckers that I fuck with old bitch ass n*gga." Uzi then proceeds to accuse the hacker of attempting to take information from his Instagram to try and get him in trouble with his various female liaisons. The clip ends with Uzi calling the hacker an "old fuckin' f*ggot." 

In the caption of the video (which you can see in the above gallery), Uzi claims that he located the hacker because he allegedly tried to sell a leaked Uzi song to someone in Philadelphia. It's unclear if the video took place at the hacker's house or if he was caught at another location. And it's also unclear what went down after the video cut off. Hopefully things didn't get too violent because Uzi's video exposé should be embarrassing enough for the young Internet warrior.