Lil Uzi Vert might be one of the most sought after artists in the world but he's proving to also be one of the most unreliable. We still haven't received Eternal Atake, which is easily up there with Yandhi as one of the most enigmatic unreleased albums of the year. Uzi became an enigmatic figure himself ever since the release of his debut album. And in between the release of Luv Is Rage 2 and now, he's gained a reputation for canceling concerts.

The latest being his concert at Austin City Limits Festival. The rapper was set to perform at 6 p.m. today but a few hours ahead of his set, ACL announced on Twitter that he canceled his show. They didn't provide any context as to why he decided to cancel his show. However, many don't seem to be surprised. Underneath his last IG post, several people expressed their disappointment that he canceled the show. But in Uzi's defense, what else did you expect? This is also the same rapper who canceled his set at Soundset on two separate occasions since 2017. He also canceled a whole European tour so if you really thought you were going to catch Uzi, maybe this one's on you this time.

Uzi hasn't issued any sort of response to his cancellation and it seems unlikely that he actually will.