Yesterday, Lil Uzi Vert found himself facing a crossroads of sorts: stay silent or air out each and every grievance. Evidently, the Eternal Atake scribe chose the latter, taking to Twitter to lay waste to DJ DramaPlayboi Carti, and most recently, his former producer Forza. While you might be wondering why Uzi would lay his ex collaborator's head beneath the guillotine so publically, the animosity appears to stem from the frequent leaks plaguing our seemingly neglected hero. 

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

"Forza lucky I ain’t fuck him up bitch ass n***a like I ain’t know he was stealing and selling music," writes Uzi, in a heated (and since-deleted) Twitter caption. "We Shoulda Stomped You Out ..But Just Kicked You Out ya suite Bitch SLEEP OUTSIDE ..... If you Don’t Know This Who Was Leaking and Selling..... I KNOW U COLD AS SHIT HOE." To add insult to injury, Uzi tossed in a brief clip of Forza snoozing, the implication of course being along the lines of "I'm watching you."

While watching another person sleep has all manner of connotations, it's no surprise that Uzi is reacting in such a heated fashion. For one, the man has been on the receiving end of countless delays, to the point where his upcoming album has become something of a running joke. As he sees it, somebody he once trusted allegedly went behind his back, and presumably facilitated the release of several vaulted songs - some of which may very well have been meant for Eternal AtakeAnd yet that is only one side of the story, and Uzi's fanbase ensures he'll always have people in his corner -- even if Forza does offer up his side of the story. 

While the bulk of this remains unclear, Uzi's anger leaves little room for interpretation. At least, as Uzi tells it. We can only hope for further clarification moving forward.