A couple of days ago, Ab-Soulcalled out the new generation of "lil" rappers, seemingly implicating Lil Uzi Vert, as he then tweeted, "We don't pass on PRIMO beats in this sport kids!" He was likely referring to Uzi's refusal to rap over the beat to Gang Starr's "Mass Appeal" when asked to freestyle during a HOT 97 interview earlier this year. After the TDE rapper's incendiary tweet, it seems that Uzi reached out to Premier in order to relay that he meant no offense by passing on his beat. Primo confirmed the conciliatory conversation on Twitter, writing, "dope things were said and I respect that." As for Soulo, he hasn't retracted his shade despite Primo and Uzi being on good terms.

Uzi, however, has indirectly tried to contact Soulo, tweeting, "Hey Ab-soul," along with an emoji that, according to my Googles, represents a "man bowing deeply." Though it would seem that Uzi intended to pay homage to Ab-Soul, one of his followers believed the tweet was his way of stirring the pot. The same user urged him to back off from Soulo, which prompted Uzi to agrees that the Black Hippy emcee is "not to be messed with." He even goes on to regard Soulo as "one of the best rappers," complimenting his wordplay and revealing that he listens to his music.