All his friends may be dead, but Lil Uzi Vert's spirits appear at an all time high. Not only was Uzi coming off a big VMA win for "Song Of The Summer," with "XO Tour Life" securing the victory, but the ceremony also took place in the wake of Luv Is Rage 2's big release. Any artist knows that releasing an album is a career highlight, so it's no wonder that Uzi seemed happy as hell. After securing the "Moonman," Uzi Vert was flagged down by an excited reporter who was eager to pick his brain on his recent string of W's.

From the minute he saunters into view, the Rockstar flashes a dazed grin at the camera before reaching out to take his award. "It's heavy, be careful," says the reporter (who carefully uses the genderless pronunciation of "moon person"), before passing it along to Uzi. It's honestly hard to gauge his reaction, as the whole thing seems to still be sinking in. As one of hip-hop's most dynamic performers, Lil Uzi certainly feels comfortable in front of a crowd. Still, the young rapper seems to be pretty awestruck by the ordeal, despite keeping his cool persona consistent throughout.

"To all my fans, I will be bringing the Moonman to all my shows so all of you guys can touch it, because you guys helped me get it," says Lil Uzi. "I'm not one to do any of those fake speeches so..." He caps off the sentence with a flamboyant shoulder shrug, which seems to encapsulate everything fans love and haters hate about the up-and-comer. When the interview inquires about where Lil Uzi was last year, he looks around, clearly confused, before admitting he doesn't even know where he's currently standing. It's a funny moment to cap off a big night for Uzi, who seems to be killing the game right now. But seriously, how are they going to cut off right before the Based God steps onto the scene?

Check out Luv Is Rage 2 right here, if you haven't already.