It seems that Lil Uzi Vert, when he's not doing massive life-threatening leaps off the top of the Rolling Loud stage, is making the most out of his usage of Young Thug's Instagram account, this time by trying to openly holler at Nicki Minaj.

In a picture posted last night, Uzi is shown looking very pensive as he's holding at least six boxes of Chanel jewelry. In a passionate plea, Uzi's caption reads, "Let’s run away @Nickiminaj 😔❤️🤮." Presumably, those diamonds would be for Nicki, should she accept Uzi's invitation, but knowing him its probably more likely that he'll wear them all himself.

No response from Nicki as of yet, but that isn't exactly surprising. She's gearing up for the release of her upcoming album, Queen, and has already copped herself a diamond chain to commemorate the event, so it's not like she even needs Uzi's diamonds anyway.

A wise man once said, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, so shouts out to Uzi for trying it. This just means that now he'll have to go back to using Thug's Instagram to promote new music, and take pictures of him and Thug together, much to the derision of 21 Savage, who doesn't approve of such behavior.

If Nicki is going to pay attention to Uzi, he'll have to do something more to grab her interest. Maybe next year he can double his distance and jump off a house into an adoring crowd instead. Check out Lil Uzi Vert's Instagram proposal down below.