Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti are primarily known as two of the hottest young rappers in the game right now. The former broke through in a big way this past year, with his hit single "XO Tour Llif3" giving way to the now-platinum Luv Is Rage 2, his proper studio debut. Meanwhile, the latter used tracks like "Magnolia" and "wokeuplikethis" to cement his place in the rising star conversation. However, together, the two rappers may have found a new calling: selling watches.

In several video clips that were reposted on Instagram, both Uzi and Carti are getting a kick out of trying to sell some blinged-out accessories to a whole group of unsuspecting customers. The footage shows Uzi carefully examining both watches and necklaces, chatting up potential buyers in the process. He was also busy working the calculator, giving customers a tally for what they wanted and letting them know how much it would all cost. Carti took more of a backseat role to the excursion, laughing and clearly having a good time while they were both in the store. You can out all the reposted footage below.

Impromptu jewelry store trips isn't the only Uzi and Carti have been collaborating on recently. The two dropped the new visuals for "Lookin" earlier this month, which showcases them busting out some moves, all of which are enhanced by some cool effects. Both rappers are angling to make 2018 a year full of even more success than 2017 had in store for them.

Would you buy jewelry from a store if Uzi or Carti were serving you? Let us know in the comments.