Call it the Watch The Throne of the Soundcloud rap era.

Both Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti have used the well-known streaming service to gain heavy popularity within the hip-hop community. Once thought of as underground artists, both rappers now have legitimate presences with major distributors and have come a long way since their days of simply uploading their tracks to the one online platforms and raking up the spins over time. Uzi even tweeted about much he missed just being a purely Soundcloud artist, no doubt reminiscing about what must have been a much simpler time in his music career. 

However, with those days in the rear view mirror, any fans who long to see both Uzi and Carti go back to their roots and link up for a project together might be in luck. A Snapchat post that surfaced online over the weekend seems to be teasing a joint project between the two, who are supposedly good friends in real life. Sharing a picture of members of the British rock band The Damned, the caption for the photo reads, "“Carti Uzi Tape * Uzi Carti Tape * 16.29.” The numbers at the end of the caption most likely refer to each rapper's respective neighborhood, with Uzi hailing from the 1600 block of Philadelphia and Carti coming from 2900 blocks in his hometown of Atlanta. Another report states that both Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti's reps were contacted for comment, but neither one had chosen to answer at the time of this writing. At this point, the upcoming mixtape is mostly just fan speculation, but given the red-hot popularity of both men where rap music charts are concerned right now, it's enough to make most heads begin to salivate at the mere thought of this collaboration actually going down.

This isn't the first new project that has been teased from Uzi's corner of social media over the past few days. The young emcee may have also signaled to his fan base that a sequel to Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World might be on the horizon as well.

You can view the Snapchat of the rumored Uzi-Carti team-up below.

[Via XXL]