For months, people have been confused about the nature of Lil Uzi Vert and JT's relationship. Are the two rappers dating? Or are they just trolling us into believing they are? They've had some strange moments on the internet, insulting each other before seemingly making up on multiple occasions. On Thursday, Uzi sent off a tweet about how he allegedly bought the rapper's first-ever Birkin bag, which she later denied wasn't shade, despite her fans thinking it was. That prompted a heated exchange between JT and her fans on Twitter before she closed out the night with another back-and-forth with her rumored beau.

"Turnt a hoe to a house wife," wrote Uzi Vert in a since-deleted tweet. "Turnt a trick to my husband," said JT, mirroring the post and keeping hers up. People reacted negatively to the posts, which got her to address the elephant in the room.

"Y'all use to be in the comments calling him adorable y'all just don't like me or feel he suppose to be with a weirdo or white girl but nah he with me," proudly declared JT. "A ghetto b*tch getting that rock Star check f*ck what y'all gotta say! Honestly."

Do you think JT and Uzi make a nice couple? The world hasn't seen much of them together, only paying attention when they're bickering on social media, but they definitely seem to like each other.