More trouble in the Young Money camp. Earlier this week, Tygavoiced his frustration with the label, suggesting that YM is holding his album "hostage", before threatening to leak it himself. While it went a little more under the radar, Lil Twist was having similar gripes a few days prior, taking aim at his management team on Twitter for his lack of musical output.

Twist insisted that he's recorded plenty of material that hasn't seen the light of day, simply because his management hasn't given him the green light. After taking them to task on that front, Twist then brought up his media portrayal, arguing that the team hasn't done a good job of clearing his name when bad press arises. While he doesn't name names, as far as we know, Cortez Bryant -- both former Young Money president and current manager of Lil Wayne -- is still working with Twist.

You can read his entire rant below. Will we see some results from the YM camp considering all this negative attention?