Lil Tracy has been dropping a decent amount of music this year. Most notably, he dropped a country song, prompting Lil Uzi Vert to hop on the remix of "Like A Farmer." A very close friend of Lil Peep's before his passing, Tracy hasn't quite been able to click with a mainstream crowd in the last year. As the man continues to work hard on his craft, he's suffered a setback in his health, updating fans from the hospital that he had just experienced a heart attack. 

He's been known to troll on social media but this looks to be a legit thing. Taking a photo of himself laying in a hospital bed, Tracy has monitors strapped to his chest to keep track of his cardiac activity. The caption of his photo is pretty straightforward as he simply let fans know, "I just had a heart attack." His supporters are pouring in love for the artist in his comments section, wishing him well as he recovers from such a scary incident. He does not explain what he was doing in the lead-up to his health scare.

Our prayers go out to Tracy as he recovers from his heart attack. Get well soon!