DJ Akademiks' beef with Lil Tracy has escalated. Nope, it's not anything physical, but it definitely has legal repercussions. The two previously had tense words over Akademik's on-again-off-again-girlfriend Angelica Ggx, and now they're going toe-to-toe once again over an Instagram post. We previously reported on a woman who accused Lil Tracy and his associates of getting too touchy-feely at a party, and Akademiks referenced our article in one of his Instagram posts.

That didn't sit too well with Lil Tracy, so he went the proper legal channels to warn Akademiks that he's not playing around. Akademiks shared a photo of his letter on Twitter that states:

This firm is litigation counsel for Jazz Butler p/k/a/ Lil Tracy ("Mr. Butler). This letter is in reference to your Instagram post that references the April 26, 2019 article by Aida Cissé entitled, Lil Tracy & Affiliates Accused Of Sexual Assault: Report (the "Report"). Demand is made that you take down the post immediately and that you cease and desist stating/publishing defamatory statements regarding Mr. Butler. Be advised that Mr. Butler has authorized us to file a lawsuit against you for defamation and injunctive relief if you fail to comply forthwith. If Mr. Butler is forced to file a lawsuit, he will seek monetary and punitive damages, and he will seek that you pay his attorneys' fees and costs.

Akademiks also tweeted, "This n*gga @tracyminajjjjj sent his lawyer to try to bully me. I’m done," adding "Talked crazy on Twitter then sent his lawyer to threaten a lawsuit 😂. We all got lawyers B."