A few months ago, Lil Tjay turned 19 and decided to celebrate with Atlanta rapper and model Rubi Rose.

She flew out to see him and everything was kosher until it wasn't.

Sometime in between "celebrating" and Tjay embarrassing Rubi on his Snapchat story, Tjay apparently decided not to pay for Rubi's flight back home. 

What happened next is messy but it boils down to Rubi claiming that she just didn't want to spend her own money and that Tjay distorted the situation to make her look bad.

"Rubi came to my house, seen another girl texting my phone, got mad emotional, and called the police on me" Tjay retorted in an IG post, explaining why he felt the need to embarrass her in the first place. “Can’t call the police to my crib, girl.”

It seems Tjay isn't quite done getting at Rubi. Even though the two seemingly reunited in July, it's looking like he still has a bone to pick with her. He posted a picture of him getting snuggly with one of Rubi's best friends, Lala Baptiste. 


Rubi was obviously not impressed by the childish post.

"Let's talk about backstabbing best friends," she wrote on Twitter. "Imma just let karma do what it do."