Believe it or not, there's more to life than being Vine, Instagram or Facebook famous, folks, a fact Internet sensation Lil TerRio has set out to prove in a big way. For those unacquainted, he's the star of the viral "Ooh, Kill 'Em" Vine clips that took the online world by storm in 2013.

Our host Jen Deleon recently sat down with TerRio and his older cousin King Keraun for an exclusive interview, during which they discussed their celebrity encounters, favorite rappers, upcoming music, plans for the future and much more (Keraun's the one saying "ooh, kill 'em" in TerRio's Vine videos, by the way.) They also demonstrated "The Nae Nae", a new dance craze that's recently blown up online, much like clocking, planking, LeBroning, whaling and the "Ooh, Kill 'Em" dance, of course.

Read excerpts and watch the full interview below, and keep up with TerRio and Keraun via Twitter (@OfficialTerRio / @KingKeraun). Also, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more exclusive content: 

Who's the nicest celebrity you've ever met? 

TeRio: "LeBron James."

Keraun: "Slim Thug."

Who's your favorite rapper?

TeRio: "Keef Chief ... he's my boy."

What's your favorite T.V. show? 

TeRio: "SpongeBob."

Can you tell us about the song you're currently working on in L.A.?

Keraun: "We're working on a song - 'Instagram'. It features me, TerRio and P. It's just a song about hate, about ... our qualms with Instagram. We've had so much hate and negative responses, especially TerRio, so we've got a phrase that I coined for him that he says on the song. You can tell 'em what it is, TerRio."

TeRio: "I'm losin' weight, but I'm gainin' money."

Keraun: "He has a lot of hate on his Instagram, there's a lot of talking about, you know, his weight, but they don't know his situation ... he's working very hard, and he has a team behind him working very hard, to watch everything he does, whether it's eat, making sure he stays active - so he's doing everything he can to get where he needs to be health-wise, but also, he's gaining money in the process.

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

TeRio: "An entertainer."