You've certainly heard about teenage sensation Lil Tecca in the last few months. The New York-based seventeen-year-old has been experiencing tons of success early on in his career, netting him a high-charting single on the Billboard 200 and selling his debut project in high numbers. The young man has as many fans as he does doubters and there is clearly a large selection of folks who don't want him to win. Recently, Tecca tweeted out that he wouldn't be sticking around the music industry for too long, noting that there are plenty of other rappers who can do what he does. Some of his loyal supporters were afraid that his early retirement had been forced upon him when death rumors started popping up online. Thankfully, the recording artist is safe and sound.

When you're a celebrity, you'll likely have to deal with death hoaxes on more than one occasion. Noticing that his followers were frantically trying to find out if he had been killed this week, Tecca assured everyone that he's very much alive. A few hoax websites had run with a story saying that he was fatally shot at JFK Airport but, clearly, those reports were far from the truth.

"N***as believe anything onna internet," typed the rapper on Twitter. Thankfully, Tecca still has a lot of life left to live and he has a ton to contribute to the industry with his infectious melodies. Don't believe everything you see!