The nine-year-old Lil Tay's rise to fame has never been a simple thing. From the very beginning, it has been easy to sensationalize her and so-called news shows have used her to spark strange moral debates about kids cursing that stink of the usual condescension towards hip-hop (for example, this moralizing Good Morning America video). However, in the past week there has been some more serious news surrounding Tay. 

In June her Instagram account was wiped and has stayed inactive ever since, but this week an unknown person took it over and posted videos of Lil Tay crying (which were later deleted) and allegations that her father, Chris Hope, was sexually abusing her and that "he banned her off of social media because he was afraid she would expose the TRUTH to the world, the truth of what he has done and hasn’t been punished for." Tay's manager has responded with his own Instagram videos denying all of this and her father has filed a cease-and-desist with Instagram. 

Amidst all this drama, a clip of a music video for Lil Tay and Rocco Piazza's "Ellen Dance" has surfaced on YouTube and The Blast claims that it may be released by Ellen Degeneres herself, although with all this controversy it seems unlikely. Watch the video below: