Lil Skies may have little to no time for the XXL Freshman, but he simply cannot resist the riddle wrapped in an enigma that is Nardwuar. While the legendary Canadian interviewer may be an acquired taste, the depths of his stalker-like knowledge simply must be respected. In fact, plenty of artists have marveled at the Human Serviette's force of will, and for many young up-and-comers, a Nardwuar interview remains an essential career benchmark. Judging from Lil Skies jovial demeanor, the experience was everything he'd always dreamed of and more.

After receiving a few thoughtful gifts, including a "2005 High Times Calendar," Lil Skies opened up about some of his most memorable experiences, including playing a show in a barn. "There was a lot of hay, and cows and shit, literally," he laughs, "I was inside a barn and the seats were like, hay. It was crazy." As the interview progresses, Nardwuar pulls out a throwback Skies verse, which he once performed in his high school gym. Skies recounts performing in front of the school, shouting out his gym teacher Mr. Hartman, winning their hearts and garnering hype in the process.

Should you enjoy the Lil Skies movement, be sure to peep his interview with Nardwuar, as there's plenty of entertaining and insightful material to comb through.