This isn't the first time we've heard horror stories about rappers making their way to perform up north. For years, artists have been given difficulty when trying to enter Canada on their tours and Lil Skies is the most recent party to voice his displeasure with how he was treated. If you frequently buy tickets to hip-hop shows in Canada, you've very likely experienced a postponed or canceled show due to "travel issues." Usually, what that means is the artist was denied entry into the country or it took too long for customs clearance at the airport. Skies were grey for Lil Skies as he visited the true North strong & free over the weekend, sharing his frustrations with the world.

The "Red Roses" rapper is currently scheduled to hit up Toronto later this month on the Dazed & Blazed Tour but from the sounds of it, he might not be able to make it. The artist shared a message to his Instagram story apologizing to his Canadian fans as he broke his news that he's not returning to the country anytime soon. "Sorry Canada but after that experience at the airport , them trying to take my money, not letting my friends in, not letting me go holding me for 3 hours like im a criminal, searching & invading my privacy .. losing my bag from Canada to the next air port ... i won't be coming back that was the worse experience of my life. Love u guys but sorry," wrote Lil Skies about his trip.

It definitely sounds like a nightmarish stay at the Canadian border. Perhaps he was being a tad dramatic and will eventually return but for the time being, Skies has been completely turned off of flying to Canada.