Lil Skies, a prime candidate for next year's freshman list, has already reached one milestone ahead queue. The rapper's first two singles have both entered the U.S Top 100 for singles play. His videos have amassed millions upon millions of views, commensurate with the lofty expectations he has put on himself. The Pennsylvania native is noted for having a uniquely positive attitude, especially in contrast to themes of melancholia and drug abuse which are ubiquitous throughout the culture.

The video, posted as an Instagram story, shows the rapper holding a loving embrace. Another one of Lil Skie's confidants then enters the room clutching an unopened bottle of bubbly, they too embrace. The caption imposed on the video reads: "Officially a millionaire ya dig, came far god is great."

As for the authenticity of the claim, judging by the character he's displayed to date, Lil Skies has no reason to lie about his finances. The celebration gives a little insight as to how rappers receive compensation, if you look at his accomplishments across a linear timeline and compare the figure. From us to you, may this million be the first of many. 

Video via Akademiks.