Just over a week ago, we almost lost Lil Scrappy after he was involved in a solo car crash in Miami. When footage was released of the accident, it became clear that Scrappy was lucky to be alive as his car ended up totaled after the rapper allegedly fell asleep at the wheel. The crash took place after he and a passenger, Ca$ino Roulette, were leaving the King of Diamonds strip club in Miami, slamming his white Mercedes into a utility pole and breaking his foot in seven places. While the passenger was reportedly released from the hospital a few days ago, Scrappy spent a total of eight days in a medical facility before being discharged today.

According to TMZ, the rapper was released earlier today but he still faces a long road to recovery. Scrappy will reportedly have to undergo intensive therapy to repair the damage done to his foot. Until he is able to be on his feet with the assistance of a walker, Scrappy is trading in the Benz for a wheelchair. After witnessing the severity of the accident, it's a positive sign that both Scrappy and his passenger were able to get out of the situation with their lives intact. 

The police investigation has since been closed and Scrappy will not be facing criminal charges for the crash.